Photo Diary: Ana Emra'a Exclusive Website Launch

Photo Source: Ana Emra'a Facebook Page
September has been one hell of a roller coaster so far - the unexpected lifestyle makeover, some dismantling news, Moschino Barbie-inspired collection, and it gets even more overwhelming as the next days unfold. I feel like the best, not to mention the worst has yet to come.
Anyway, I've begun this month with some retail therapies, and what better way to kick off the array of -ber months than with an exclusive soirĂ©e together with Qatar-based fashion bloggers, fashion enthusiasts and the promising Ana Emra'a team. 


Wandering in the 70's

Amid the overwhelming blues and the mirroring surface of the sea, my soul found tranquility. Dusted the pure waters with my burnt sable emotions. Propelled my bottled up blank verse of melancholy toward the deepest, farthest face of the sea. 
Amid the contrasting piquancy of sun ray's warmth and chilly wind blow, my heart uncovered felicity. Rediscovered the raptures of life of which I forgot the existence. Dwindled the hostile words away. Completed the last rhyme in the last line that I lost.
Amid the insanity of the enormous waters, my body ascertained solitude.


On the Wishlist: Flavors of Fall

While people from the Middle East only seem to enjoy summer this month onwards on account of the temperature has managed to drop a few measures at present, others from the rest of the world are already prepping themselves for the commencement of the fall. And by prepping themselves, I mean transitioning their summer wardrobe to fall. That's why I mustered all the wearable fall 2014 trends from the runway in hopes of easing their otherwise stressful closet changeover.