On the Wishlist: Flavors of Fall

While people from the Middle East only seem to enjoy summer this month onwards on account of the temperature has managed to drop a few measures at present, others from the rest of the world are already prepping themselves for the commencement of the fall. And by prepping themselves, I mean transitioning their summer wardrobe to fall. That's why I mustered all the wearable fall 2014 trends from the runway in hopes of easing their otherwise stressful closet changeover.


Labels and Love

Labels and love are two entirely different things that are equally united by women's perpetual fascinations. But then, upon catching a glimpse on this Love dress by Osman at Per Lei Couture, I've begun looking at two L's in a completely different light.


Qatar Shopping Guide: Top 5 Drugstore Lip Stains

Considering the scorching weather situation in Qatar every single day, full-on makeup with complete coverage from foundation to lipstick can feel utterly heavy - not to mention annoying - most especially when facial sweat and oil join into the mixture. That's why light coverage cosmetics like BB cream and lip stain always come in handy here in the Middle East or for me at least.